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Since 2008, we have been in the business of providing Yunnan Pu-erh Tea, White, Green and Black teas to retail and wholesale customers all over the world. We are Yunnan-based Puerh tea company and being the best and cheapest source for brand name, all of our teas are made of the ancient tea trees between 100 – 600 years old tea tree in Yunnan Province of China.
Our purpose
Our purpose is to tell the world about Authentic tea and its fascinating culture. Tea used to be sipped slowly and appreciated for its diversity of flavors that differs every year and through season. The natural conditions of its origin and the processing method applied allow tea lovers to enjoy a limitless amount of flavors.
Our vision
What’s so mysterious about tea is that it connects tea drinkers sharing a pot of tea. We envision a world in which tea creates the opportunity to make more tea friends (Cha You – 茶友). And we extend this believe to how we interact with our Chinese tea growers and you. We’re open to any questions you have about our product and/or service, and you’ll never get a standardized email from us. We’ll respond to you in the spirit of tea.

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Dianhong Black Tea

Dianhong black tea is a type of relatively high-end, gourmet Chinese black tea sometimes used in various tea blends and grown in Fengqing county of Yunnan.

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Puerh Ripe Tea

Puerh tea is one of the highest quality teas in the world. It is hand picked from ancient large-leaf tea trees that grow high in the remote misty mountains of Yunnan.

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Loose Puerh Tea

Authentically crafted and aged from large-leaf tea trees, loose pu-erh tea brews up into a delicious liquid with a uniquely strong, earthy flavor and rich, dark color.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked question (FAQ) page helps you to know more about Chinese tea and respond to the needs of your audience more quickly and appropriately.FAQs about Pu-Erh Teas, What it is, how it is different from other teas. We also answer how it is best brewed, how it should be stored as well as what makes up price differences and why it is the perfect gift.

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Pu’er or Pu-erh (Chinese:普洱茶) is a variety of tea from old tea tree traditionally produced in Lincang, Puer, Baoshan and XishuangBanna of Yunnan Province, China. Pu erh or Pu’er tea, made from the leaves and stems of Camellia plant is a kind of Chinese dark tea. It contains two major types: raw or unfermented Pu’er tea and ripe or fermented Pu’er tea. It also falls into two categories, loose tea and compressed tea based on the appearance.

Pu-erh offers a truly unique tea experience, available in both ripe and raw selections. The Pu-erh found more commonly are ripe Pu-erhs, also known as Shu Cha Pu-erh, aged and fermented over time. You will not find another tea that is as dark and full, complex and hearty with smooth elegance. In contrast to this intense flavor is the light and silky raw Pu-erh with a subtly sweet finish, only offered in cakes.

Dianhong tea (Chinese:滇红茶]) is a type of relatively high-end, gourmet Chinese black tea sometimes used in various tea blends and grown in Yunnan Province, China.The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or “golden tips,” present in the dried tea. Dianhong tea produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in colour with a sweet, gentle aroma and no astringency.

In ancient China, Pu-erh tea from Yunnan was transported to Tibet via the Tea Horse Road. Since the road was long and dangerous, people wanted to transport as much tea as possible in one trip, which is why they invented the shapes of tea bricks, tea cakes and tuocha.

hite tea (Chinese:白茶) is mainly produced in Yunnan and Fujian provinces in China.In Yunnan, white tea is traditionally dried under the sun, while in Fujian, it is dried with hot air. The Yunnan white tea has higher extent of fermentation because of sunshine drying. It has specific flavor that is slightly different from that of the Fujian white tea. White teas capture a moment in spring, and feature some of the freshest harvest flavors and aromas. Their distinguishing feature, a covering of fine, downy white hair, adds a sweetness to the tea.

Green tea (Chinese:绿茶) is a type of tea made from the leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). It’s an evergreen shrub that originated in the forests of Yunnan in China. Specifically, green tea comes from the Chinese tea plant (Camellia sinensis sinensis). It thrives in high elevations with cool temperatures and has a sweeter, softer taste than the other tea plant varietal (Camellia sinensis assamica), which is used primarily for black teas. Japan and China dominate green tea production.

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