How to brew Puerh Tea?

Of all the types of tea you can find in the world, Pu-erh is among the most mysterious. While other types of tea are categorized by their level of oxidation, Pu-erh represents a category of fully-oxidized tea, fermented and ripened by time. Highly prized and produced in the region of Yunnan in southern China, Pu-erh offers a smooth and complex earthy flavor unlike any other tea, with an enticingly deep cup color.

Pu-erh offers a truly unique tea experience, available in both ripe and raw selections. The Pu-erh found more commonly are ripe Pu-erhs, also known as Shu Cha Pu-erh, aged and fermented over time. You will not find another tea that is as dark and full, complex and hearty with smooth elegance. In contrast to this intense flavor is the light and silky raw Pu-erh with a subtly sweet finish, only offered in cakes.

There are many benefits of good-quality puerh tea. To make your tea taste good, your mood improve, and your body feel invigorated and energized, follow these simple rules. Here they are:

It is advisable to drink not more than 400 ml of puerh tea per day. If you significantly exceed the norm, you will feel the so-called “tea intoxication”, which is accompanied by light dizziness and euphoria.
One batch of tea can be brewed several times, usually 5-7 times. First fill the brew with water so that it covers the tea particles and then drain it. This will rinse the puerh tea from dust and allow it to unfold, especially if it is pressed Shu or Sheng. The first spills infuse from 5 seconds, then gradually increase the soaking time to a minute, no more.
Drinking puerh tea on an empty stomach is a bad habit and can lead to heartburn and stomach discomfort. This is because the drink has a high acidity. Make tea about 30 minutes after a meal. Drink it without sugar to preserve its original flavor and get more benefits.
Strong puerh tea is liked by many people, but don’t drink too rich tea before going to bed. It’s better to limit yourself to a small portion 3-4 hours before bedtime. It will help you relax, relieve fatigue and help you get a good night’s sleep.
Can I drink puerh tea while driving? In reasonable doses – of course, no more than 200 ml. Tea will improve brain circulation and concentration.

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